How to register for the conference

Jonathan Kang
2019-05-06 21:26
1. Please visit: https://ubf-esbc.org -> Registration.
Please read this page carefully! e.g.:
Conference fee, Bank Transfer & Deadline, Notification, Invitation Code.

2. Please register yourself over https://ubf-esbc.org/2019/wp-login.php?action=register
You will need an email adderess for eache person (also for your children above 4 years old!)


3. Please check your mail box incl. spam folder! and verify your email address clicking on the link.

4. Please transfer your conference fee as soon as possible.

5. Please log in and put your data additionally into your profile:
room mate(s), comments to bible study, your travel data etc.

!!! It is just example !!!

only if you need UBF pickup service:

and save your data!

6. Please check "My Page" for your name tag, payment etc. You can change your name tag content by editing your profile.