What to do first at the conference place?

Jonathan Kang
2019-08-05 17:51
  1. Go to the UBF Welcom Desk.
  2. Keep ready your MyPage (printed, saved on your phone, or you will get there Wifi to login)
  3. Show it to our AskMe! Team. They will check whether you paid for the conference or not.
  4. If yes you will get your name tag and an ESBC T-Shirt. If you previously saved your size in your profile, you get what you wanted. If not, you will get what is left.
  5. Go to the Hotel reception and show your name tag. The Hotel staff will give you the hotel key. The room number on your name tag is just a UBF internal number. The Hotel staffs have their own list with a real room number for you.
  6. If the payment is not yet closed, please come to the "Registration Desk" next to the UBF Welcome Desk.
  7. On your name tag you will find emergency contacts and an email address for the UBF Office and its opening hours.