1. Conference fee

Conference fee per person (incl. accomodation and all meals in the 4-star conference hotel). For international guests, transfer from one of three airports [FRA, DUS, CGN] to the conference place and back is also covered, with restrictions concerning time and number of people to transfer.

  • Room with 4 Beds: 300 Euro
  • Room with 3 Beds: 335 Euro
  • Room with 2 Beds: 370 Euro

Reduced Conference fee for the Firstcomer to a (no matter in which country!) UBF conference:

  • Room with 4 Beds: 220 Euro
  • Room with 3 Beds: 255 Euro
  • Room with 2 Beds: 290 Euro

Reduced Conference fee for Kids 4-14 years:

  • Room with 4 Beds: 110 Euro
  • Room with 3 Beds: 145 Euro
  • Room with 2 Beds: 180 Euro

Caution! For capacity reasons, only children from Europe can attend the children’s conference. Parents from outside Europe need to take care of their children during the conference themselves!

2. Bank Transfer & Deadline

Payment by credit card is not technically possible. Sorry! Please send the amount by an international transfer to the following bank account:

  • Owner: UBF-Verein
  • Address: Blumenstr. 53, 69115 Heidelberg, Gemany
  • Tel.: +49 (0)6221 164786
  • Bank name: Sparkasse Heidelberg
  • Address: Kurfuersten-Anlage 10-12, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany
  • Tel.: +49 (0)6221 5110
  • Bank Code: 67250020
  • Bank account number: 9296506
  • IBAN: DE26 67250020 0009296506

Please transfer the conference fees by 30.06.2019 at the latest. Registration deadline will be 30.06.2019. From 01.07.2019 no registration possible!

3. Notification

3.1 If possible please enter your “reason for bank transfer” with your Registration ID*.


  • Max Mustermann,Cologne1,Germany,92, ID 325
    [this person is born in 1992 and Registration ID is 325]
  • Alexandra Kleinmann,NY,USA,03, ID 417
    [this person is born in 2003 and Registration ID is 417 ]
  • Sarah Kang,Kwanak2,Korea,94, ID 521
    [this person is born in 1994 and Registration ID is 521 ]

3.2 If it is not possible to enter “reason for bank transfer” please send your christian name, real name of the bank account, amount and your Registration ID* using contact form to our Finances Team.

3.3 If you sent conference fee for several persons (group bank transfer), please send your christian name, real name of the bank account, amount and your and their Registration ID’s* using the same contact form to our Finances Team.

*You will find the Registration ID on My Page after the registration and login at this homepage.

4. You will need an Invitation Code to register. Please ask your UBF staff. They should be already informed. You can ask us directly over the contact form to our Systemadmin Team.

5. Now, please register for the conference! => Register. Then you can log in and enter your travel data, Registration ID’s of desired roommates and so on.

6. Please check your mail box (incl. spam folder) regularly for e-mails from us. The verification e-mail could arrive in your spam folder!

7. If you have problems with the bank transfer, you are welcome to pay cash at the conference venue (Euro only! Dollar/Won not possible!). But if you can transfer the conference fee before the conference beginn, you help us very much! – the sooner, the more in many ways! Thanks!

8. Please print or save My Page on your phone just before coming to Germany and present it at the UBF Welcome Desk close to the reception in the hotel.